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Cyber 15

$60.00 includes Priority Mail shipping inside the USA

overseas shipping is $50.00 extra

 made in the USA

This is the Cyber 15  high speed wind turbine generators built entirely within the USA. It produces 14 volts DC and .75 amps in 40 mph winds and the output increases  as windspeed increases. .

The turbine is very compact, measuring about 10" long and utilizing a 2-blade 12" propeller. It weighs about 12 oz.. The turbine is very quiet even though it easily turns over 1000 rpm in 25 mph winds (verified with an optical tachometer).

A suitable pole with a .750" I.D. is needed to mount the turbine. Your wiring (16 gauge for runs up to 50 feet) should be run from your battery, up through the pole and then through the turbine downtube on to the top of the turbine frame where it is then connected to the wires running from the turbine motor. If you leave 24" of slack in the wire at the bottom of the pole wire twisting is normally not a problem.

A blocking diode is already installed so that the turbine will not discharge your battery when the wind is not blowing.

The turbine frame is made from  polymer material on CNC machines.  It comes 99% assembled. All you do is press the prop onto the shaft.

This turbine can be used to charge 12 volt batteries. More wind will increase the charge rate. 
We have sold several thousand of these turbines over the years and they have been used sucessfully by boaters, farmers, ranchers, RVers, campers, hunters and science classes all over the world.

We ship worldwide and we ship quickly. The turbine is professionally packaged to avoid damage during transit. We use recycled packing material exclusively.

Each and every one of these turbines is tested for both function and output 3 times before boxing. The motor is tested when it is unboxed. It is tested again after the blocking diode is installed. The final test is done after the motor is installed onto the frame.

Every turbine leaves our facility functioning exactly as described. The only variable will be your available wind.