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USA Wind Generators manufactures micro wind turbine generators made entirely in the USA. Our micro wind turbine generators are built entirely within the USA and are value priced so that anyone can afford to explore wind turbine generated power.

We use the latest polymer materials and CNC equipment to manufacture state of the art inexpensive wind turbines.

When the power grid goes down (for whatever reason) there are few things more useful than a fully charged 12 volt battery. If you've got one, for the most part, life can go on normally. If you don't have one, you're instantly back in the dark ages.

We design, manufacture and sell to the public, several small, inexpensive wind turbine generators that will charge 12 volt batteries when the wind is blowing.

Depending upon which model of our wind turbines that you are interested in, our wind turbines are perfectly suited for:

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wind turbine

new Cyber 15 micro wind turbine, made in the USA     

new Cyber 50 watt Micro wind turbine, made in the USA

**  Normally ships in 5-7 business days ,click photo for prices **

Cyber 200 wind turbine generator, made in the USA   

**  Normally ships in 5-7 business days ,click photo for prices **

Cyber 250 wind turbine generator, made in the USA

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